NALM, the New Adult Learning Movement, is a network of people that
dedicate themselves to investigating ‘adult learning processes’ in a new and modern way. The human being is seen as an integrated entity of physical, soul and spiritual substance. As such is the adult approached in NALM learning paths.

It has identified 3 paths of learning:

Applications of 'new learning' are also being found for particular fields, such as:

A short description of the 3-fold path

Individualizing Learning Processes

In the 'Information Age' each person must find their way to bring life and creative forces to abstract knowledge. The new learning process works with 7 natural living processes to absorb, individualize and make the knowledge operational in daily life, as well as maturing as a human being while learning. This basic process can be applied to every field of learning.

Destiny Learning - Karma Praxis - See

'Destiny Learning' is a practical way of learning from life, from your own destiny – who you are and why your life is unfolding as it is. This is a direct and positive valuing of life experiences and life hindrances, understanding their source and learning purpose and transforming the past to new capacities. The aim is to learn how to take on your karma in a creative way, building a basis for a new kind of "social fellow being". The forces freed by this work will be needed to be effective in your projects and in your creativity.

Creative Spiritual Research

This stage of the training path takes a step further toward bringing inspired material on earth. A central aim is to finding new answers to the needs that call on you. The newly growing inner attitudes and faculties will be challenged by the world and will develop continuously, on the job, or while applying creative forces and taking initiative. The work in stage 3 will guide you to find your way back into your life circumstances with new possibilities, to realize yourself and your contribution to the world.

This 3-fold learning path was developed by Coenraad van Houten and his colleagues. A broad network of people work with this 'renewing learning', all over the world. Thanks to individual research of many colleagues it is continuously developing.