Further Training for Nalm Facilitators

The idea for a further training is to collect a group of people with the aim to deepen themselves in certain themes with the aim:

The training can even become a research character if this is made possible by the participants.

The other idea is that the group, once it is collected, will become self responsible and takes over its own organisation. That means:

A part of the coordination can be carried by the NALM coordination team who will set up the first seminar for each theme.

Possible themes for the training you find here below

Seminar design
How do you design a seminar in a way that it activates the participants will? What are the needed elements? Leading images, aims, methods and programming. Rhythms. Ways of guiding.

Giving lectures
Old and new forms of lecturing. Working with the voice and with rhythm. Different contents need different forms. The word and the voice.

Guiding groups and leadership
What are the faculties a group facilitator needs? Different ways of guiding in different stages and for different aims. Deepening of the encounter.

Deepening the karma work
The karma work continuously has to be deepened. Also the guiding of it. We will work on the deepening of own processes and on the guiding of the processes of the others and of groups.

Working with art
Working with art is a necessity in adult learning processes.
In this seminar you become familiar with the background of creative processes. You will learn to design art exercises and apply them. We will work with observation exercises, with drawing, painting and modelling, with …..  Of course we will learn from practicing.

Working with the invisible
The etheric is becoming more visible. More and more people are becoming aware of the forces, radiated by themselves or by others, that penetrate the space. In adult education you work with these forces whether you are conscious about it or not.
In this part we will work on our awareness of etheric and astral forces and in directing them. We will try to look behind the veil using different senses.

Spiritual Research
New seminars are based on newly developed content, unless you repeat what you learned from others. Developing new content is based on finding new questions and on developing basic skills to find new answers and insights. The newly discovered will have to find a form to meet the world. It can stay on the insight level but it also can support new methods or exercises.

On request: Contact Jaak Hillen, jaak(AT)nalm.net (vervang (AT) door @)